No. 1 – Spring 2013


The inaugural issue Torrent No. 1 touches on subjects as disparate as the material life of books (Annie Wan), the de-mystifying power of printed matter (David Platzker), radio as tool for “revolution” (Lawrence Weiner), or even film’s function as a dissecting table for the mind (Vittorio Santoro and Martha Colburn). Torrent No. 1 also includes two in-depth conversations; one exploring some of the conditions for artistic practice in Hong Kong, historically and today, and the other on term exhibition platform and research project conceived and realized with 1a space, an independent arts organization in Hong Kong; and its inaugural project I Think It Rains at the heritage site of the Cattle Depot Artist Village in To Kwa Wan, Kowloon (May 17–June 30, 2013).

Contributors of Torrent No. 1, Spring 2013: CHOI YAN CHI (artist, Hong Kong), ENOCH CHEUNG (artist, Hong Kong), MARTHA COLBURN (artist, New York), DAVID PLATZKER (curator, New York), VITTORIO SANTORO (artist, Paris), ANNIE LAI KUEN WAN (artist, Hong Kong), LAWRENCE WEINER (artist, New York), PAUL WINSTANLEY (artist, London) and CALLY YU (writer, Hong Kong).

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Bibliographic information
Published by Burger Collection, Hong Kong
Edited by Daniel Kurjakovic, Linda Jensen
Contributing artists and writers: Enoch Cheung, Choi Yan Chi, Martha Colburn, David Platzker, Vittorio Santoro, Annie Wan, Lawrence Weiner, Paul Winstanley, Cally Yu
Edition: English, June 2013, ISBN 978-3-033-04027-4, Softcover, double flap, 24.5 x 18 cm, 120 pages


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