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Wanted Sounds (podcast) – Torrent No. 2 – Muhanned Cader

Daniel Kurjakovic, editor of Torrent magazine, during a recent Skype conversation with Muhanned Cader, touched base with artist about his upcoming contribution in Torrent No. 2. The conversation delves into the workings behind his photographic series. Cader was on site in Hong Kong for Burger Collection’s micro-residency back in May 2013. During his stay, he went on many walks with Hong Kong artist Swing Lam who gave him “a tour guide in a walking way.” They explored Hong Kong’s city and nature scapes, Cader having been absorbed by the particular architectural features of the city’s temples and its cramped apartment units, as well as the awe-inspiring relationship between sky space and skyscraper space.

(recorded on March 4, 2014)

Here are some images of his preliminary studies – the final versions will be published in Torrent No. 2. this coming May. It’s going to be “killer”.

Cader also took part in the exhibition I Think It Rains, a joint collaboration between Burger Collection and 1a space took place at the Cattle Depot Artist Village in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong from May 17 to June 30, 2013. To see his works in the show click here